Lindsay And Paris Are Still Fighting

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Yesterday, X17 had a video of Lindsay saying that Paris threw a drink at her. Now The Sun has a video of Lindsay and Paris getting in a huge verbal argument. The new video shows the two having a screaming match outside Hilton's Hollywood mansion on Saturday night.

Lindsay yells stuff like: "Paris Hilton is crazy" and "Paris is a cokehead." Then you hear Paris screaming: "firecroctch" over and over again.

It's probably not as exciting as I'm making it out to seem, but I usually exaggerate everything. I honestly go to bed at night praying that some good Samaritan will drop a bee hive on Paris Hilton's head and kick her into a pit of wolverines. Please God. Please!


Posted by Unknown at 11/28/2006  

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