Simon Cowell Is A Show Off

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Simon Cowell ran into a strange situation while buying toothpaste and shampoo in a Miami Beach drugstore on Monday. He attempted to use his American Express Centurion Card (aka The Black Card), which has no limit and can't be declined, but it wouldn't work.

Page six explains: "A witness reports the Brit became annoyed, as did the line of shoppers behind him. Cowell, embarrassed but determined, dashed out to his waiting driver/bodyguard and returned with a wad of cash. "

The black card is usually used to purchase things like airports, high priced escorts, and fancy islands; so it seems a little extreme that Simon would even attempt to use it on a 99 cent Oral B toothbrush. This basically proves that he's the kind of guy that would abort a baby by sending a starved tiger at the woman. Sure, the clinic would work, but a viscous tiger guarantees victory.


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