Sean Penn Will Do What He Wants

Friday, September 15, 2006

Sean Penn recently broke the anti-smoking ban in Canada. He lit up during a press conference in a hotel at the Toronto Film Festival, where he is promoting his new movie All The King's Men. In the state of Ontario, smoking is banned inside public places, and now smelly hippies are outraged.

Michael Perly, boss of the Ontario Campaign for Action On Tobacco, said: "It was such a flagrant breach of the law. It absolutely should be a target."

I'm not sure that Sean even knew there as a no smoking law in Ontario, and if there was, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't care. Besides worshipping snow geese, people from Ontario are only known for ice skating and wearing funny hats. So what if he smokes inside. He's famous, so he's better than regular people. Especially minorities.


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