Paris Hilton Will Lose This Bet

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Paris Hilton plans to go without sex for a year as part of a bet she has with her friends. Paris has formed a “single girls club” with her friend and tennis champ Serena Williams. The bet is to see who can last the longest without sex.

Paris claims: “I’m not doing it with anyone. I want to concentrate on work. I’ll kiss, but nothing else.”

Paris Hilton going without sex for a year is as likely as me beating up a mountain lion that hasn't eaten in a month. Paris may have picked the worst person to bet against, considering it's Serena Williams, because I'm pretty sure she has never been laid in her life. If my penis had to decide between sky diving into a bag of thumb tacs or Serena's cooter, it would probably look for some cheap thumb tacs.


Posted by Unknown at 8/17/2006  

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