Lindsay Lohan's Mom Is The White Oprah

Friday, August 18, 2006

Lindsay Lohan's mother, Dina Lohan, is developing her own talk show. Dina thinks she is the perfect host for a show because people always feel comfortable around her.

She claims:"Lindsay's friends call me the white Oprah (Winfrey) because they all come to me with their problems. I'm like the mom of these kids in the business. I love to talk. I have a talk show in the works. It's more of an Apprentice-type game show thing. I would host it and co-produce it. We're shopping it around."

I'm pretty sure the last person I would go to for advice is the mother of a coke addicted bulimic. Sure, I want to have sex with Lindsay's tits just as much as the next guy (probably more), but I'm still not going to talk to her mom. I'm pretty sure this woman wakes up drinking mule blood and goes to bed eating cute puppy noses.


Posted by Unknown at 8/18/2006  

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