Jessica Biel Likes To Kiss Girls

Monday, August 14, 2006

Jessica Biel shocked everybody at the Lotus nightclub on Thursday. Jessica, who drank grey goose and soda for the whole night, acutally made out with a girl. Yes, it's exciting.

The NYDN claims :"One partygoer tells us she got carried away enough to plant a big old smooch on an attractive female companion."

I always find it easier to talk to girls when they're drunk. And by "talk" I really mean "have anal sex with," but who's really keeping score anyway? I'm not usually too impressed when girls are making out with each other, because I see it all the time. When you hang out with bisexual porn stars like I do, the girls are always getting freaky when we take group showers. Sometimes one of them will let me see her cooter too. It's fun.


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