Everybody Thinks K-Fed Sucks

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Besides normal people, the Hip-Hop community also thought Kevin Federline sucked ass during his debut performance at the Teen Choice awards.

XXL magazine editor in chief Elliot Wilson said:"I think we ignore him. He's a joke, basically. I just don't think he gets it. He doesn't get that he's Britney's man and it's hard to take him seriously." Another XXL edtor, Hall adds:"The thing that really hurts him is the fact that he's perceived as Britney's husband. You know, kinda like Britney's second - I don't even want to say second in command, but - he's like the Britney Boy. He's like Mr. Spears, and it's kinda hard to get over that perception."

I've seen plenty of people suck at stuff in my life -which makes me an expert on knowing when someone sucks - and Kevin Federline is the worst rapper I have ever seen. And his performance at the Teen Choice awards made little kids carve out their eyeballs with ice cream scoops. I would rather take hedge clippers to my penis before hearing him rap again.


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