Lance Bass Is Coming Out Of The Closet

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

One of the worst kept secrets in Lance Bass's life is that he is gay. Everybody knows he's gay, but he won't admit it. Until Now. The time has finally come when Lance will admit to taking it up the ass and blowing male prostitutes in the park. Well, he'll admit he likes the cock anyway.

Perez said: "Princess Frostylocks [Lance Bass] is coming out in the new issue of People magazine - out on newsstands later this week - multiple sources confirm exclusively...The photo shoot was held Tuesday at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills, and - yes - Lance is getting the cover, we hear."

I don't know why People would give Lance the cover for something everybody knows. If a guy goes to gay clubs regularly, he is gay. If a guy has sex with men, he is gay. There's some great investigative reporting. Lance is trying to pull a Ellen DeGeneres to regain his lost fame. Don't let him.

Update: Lance says he is in a stable gay relationship and what not. Check it out on TMZ.

Source and TMZ additional info

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