Kate Hudson Causes Helicopter Crashes

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Contact Music is reporting that A US marine crew are being questioned after allegedly crashing their helicopter while trying to catch a glimpse of Hollywood star Kate Hudson. Hudson was wearing a swimsuit, diamond collar and high heels while on the set of You, Me, and Dupree when the chopper crashed just yards away. The pilots did a double take and didn't keep their attention on flying the chopper.

Hudson said: "We heard this huge crash. A sort of huge plywood thing came falling on to my car from a rooftop. Then the cops were there and the Marines were there and I'm in this outfit. I realized what I was wearing and I said, I'm sorry, can someone get me a robe?"

I'm not saying Kate isn't attractive, but I doubt seeing her would make me crash my chopper. I'm an expert at being a peeping tom to begin with. Usually when I go to the beach, I just wear these glasses -which have closed eyelids instead of lenses - and the girls think I'm sleeping. It even works great in the female shower. Nothing to see here ladies, just a man sleeping. Go ahead and have nude pillow fights and make out.

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