K-Fed Wants To Destroy Justin Timberlake

Friday, July 21, 2006

Over at D-listed, it is being reported that Kevin Federline is growing more jealous by the minute. While he should be jealous of any man with a pulse, he is mostly just jealous of Britney's ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake. K-fed is so obsessed with Justin Timberlake that he goes through newspapers and gossip magazines to read what the singer is up to. He's jealous of Justin's looks, music, success, and popularity.

The source goes on to say: "Kevin told a friend that he's going to pulverize Justin on the charts. He says he's got the hottest producers in the business and that he can write killer rhymes — and that all Justin has is a silly falsetto and a bad haircut."

It's hard to imagine that Kevin Federline could actually have more fans then Justin Timberlake. Nobody will ever take K-Fed seriously, because he's not a rapper. I could sit behind a fence at a zoo and throw rocks at the lions, and even though I've one the fight, I'm not a real lion tamer. But I actually do tame lions. I use a whip and wear these sexy jean shorts with high tube socks. I draw crowds bigger then K-Fed and Justin, because everyone knows I put my life on the line. I face death every day of my life.

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