Jessica Simpson Dreams Of Brad Pitt

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

MSNBC is reporting that Jessica Simpson has been linked to several guys lately, but the star insists she hasn’t dated anyone since her split from husuband Nick Lachey.

She said:“I don’t feel right about dating yet." But Simpson admits that she “dreams” about Brad Pitt.

I think everyone is in agreement that they would like to see a Brad Pitt and Jessica Simpson relationship. Angelina has already been flushed down the carnival toilet, so it's time for Brad to move on. Or me, Jessica, and a donkey named Winthrop can make a raunchy sex tape. That would always be good PR for her career. I know that Jessica dreams of Brad Pitt, but my dreams are much better. They usually involve me eating ice cream and masturbating with sand paper.

Posted by Unknown at 7/11/2006  

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