John Cusack Actually Has A Fan

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Various reports have confirmed that John Cusack has taken out a restraining order against his only fan. Cusack filed legal papers in a Los Angeles court after the woman allegedly showed an "unusual interest" in him.

The order accuses Emily Leatherman of: "stalking, throwing long letters of interest over his fence in bags with rocks and screwdrivers inside and making unannounced visits to offices of people he works with in an attempt to meet with him."

In a written statement, he explained to the court: "Mail addressed to her has been arriving at my residence without my permission. I have never met this person."

The only reason I care about this story is because I didn't think anyone actually liked John Cusack as an actor, person, or a free lance photographer. I thought only people like me, Brad Pitt, and Johnny Depp actually had stalkers, but it's obvious some people are sick. The craziest thing a woman did to get my attention was when she broke into my house and masturbated on my bed. I knew my pillow felt moist that night, but I figured, what the hell, it's probably my cum.

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