Cops Want To Shoot Matt Dillon

Monday, June 19, 2006

Reports are saying that Matt Dillon had a terrifying incident on a New York City subway recently when he was mistaken for a suspect in a knife attack.

Dillon said: "A couple of guys were drinking, and there was this other guy who looked a little manic and clearly was not all there. So I thought to myself, I'm gonna try and avoid this guy's line of vision. At 42nd Street, the train gets detained and an undercover detective threw his gun on me... It turned out that a guy with a knife had run onto the train. One cop thought it was me. Then they spotted the guy - it was the guy who was sitting across from me."

I remember back when I was a famous cop, and I saved the city from the Double Devil gang. Although I defeated the gang and the mayor gave me the key to the city, it was the last time I put on a uniform. You see, I shot a kid. It was dark and I really couldn't see the orange tip on the gun. Hell, he was 14. Stop with the questions, I don't like talking about it.

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