Christina Aguilera Is Not Pregnant

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Nosy Snoop has confirmed that Christina Aguilera has denied recent speculation that she and Jordan are expecting a baby. Aguilera insists that the only thing she sees like "a child or twins” is her new double album Back To Basics.

Christina told Teen Hollywood: "Oh, since you’re married now, are you gonna have children?’ I’m like, this is my child, because I’ve been working so hard on it. Having twins! It’s so exciting."

This is exactly why Christina has always been better than Britney, and I'm not just saying that because I wear my pink "Team Christina" T-shirt around town. Christina is so busy wrapping her legs around hunks like me, and not her husband, that she doesn't have time for a baby. Who really has time for children? More importantly, the world is over-populated. You'd be doing the world a favor if you took a sledge hammer to your girlfriend's stomach before she gave birth.

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