Kate Moss Finally Questioned By London Police

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Yahoo news is reporting that Kate Moss has finally met with detectives in London to discuss her cocaine use, but wasn't arrested or charged with any offense. Apparently, anorexic models with insect faces get off easily. Moss voluntarily showed up to discuss the cocaine event that happened months ago. She was spoken to "under caution" which means police can use a person's answers as evidence in any future proceedings.

The Metropolitan police statment went like this: "She has not been charged or cautioned and inquiries continue"

Kate's modeling agency also gave a statment:"Kate Moss voluntarily reported to the police today to assist their investigation as she has always said she would when she returned to this country."

This cocaine nonsense has been more publicity for Kate than any modeling contract she has ever had. Some people say that any publicity is good publicity. I'm not so sure if that is true in this case. Child molesters get plenty of publicity before going to prison, but I can't say it ever works out for them.

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hot or not? umm not hot.

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