50 Cent And Queen Mashup: Q-UNIT

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

It seems like ever since The Green Album was released people have been meshing together the weirdest CDs. This is a combination of 50 Cent and Queen. I haven't listened to it myself, but I can only imagine that it really sucks.

Not only is something like this real, but I actually have the link so you can download it here (Q-Unit Official Download). This link probably won't work anymore since the traffic is destroying its bandwidth. I found a very good mirror which you can download here ( Q-Unite Mirror Download).

If your like me and don't have the time to download the CD, you can just laugh at the picture of 50 cent they are promoting the CD with. 50 Cent with the crazy mustache.

Posted by Unknown at 11/29/2005  

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