Avril Hates Britney

Monday, April 02, 2007

While most people have been supportive of Britney's insanity, Avril would rather throw her in a well.

She told The Sun: "What's happened to Britney is all down to who she is as a person. If you want a piece of this business you have to be able to deal with it. You can't complain about pressures, the paparazzi, the madness because that's the job."

Avril goes on to say that she loves to drink and party too, but that she can handle it and "no one really gets to know". Uhh. Wasn't it 6 months ago that Avril was spitting at paparazzi at Hyde? And wasn't it yesterday that I saved little Johnny from his kidnappers? Damn, right. Take that, you bastards.


Posted by darkhat at 4/02/2007  

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