South Park Destroyed Family Guy

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Last night South Park attacked the Family Guy in the very highly publicized feud. The whole show just ripped on the family guy for plagiarism, being poorly written, being not funny, and having interchangeable jokes. Below is a video of one of the funnier parts from the episode, where they just make The Family Guy look horrible. I will put a full video of the episode when I find it.

Update: The video is back up after the copyright infringement bullshit.

Update: The entire episode has been coming up now as well. It's broken up into 3 parts. Part one is here. Two is here. And three is here. Enjoy, you bastards.

Posted by darkhat at 4/06/2006  
Anonymous said...

the episode was awesome.

8:40 AM  
Anonymous said...

Ya, it was a good episode.

8:44 AM  
Anonymous said...

family guy is a good show.

11:28 AM  
Anonymous said...

But the family guy isn't poorly written - it's well written. So now I'm actually on Tom Cruise's side on something. God I hate when I can't figure out who to dislike and my life gets confusing like this. It used to be so simple.

11:41 AM  
Good Lieutenant said...

Family Guy is old, and American Dad is terrrible. They're both the same show, only McFarlane thinks he's "political" with American Dad. The Family Guy is OK, but often reaches for random gags and plagiarism when its writing runs short of punches, which it often does (especially after it came back on the air).

South Park still has a refreshing zing to it after all these years, however.

12:43 PM  
Anonymous said...

Lieutenant is right on the money..

12:48 PM  

Of course, ripping on Islam and Family Guy is only the side effect of this episode, which is entirely based on blasting at Comedy Central for pulling "Trapped in the Closet" from the rotation. Just look at Cartman's anti-Family Guy spiel near the end of the episode:

"Its simple television economics Kyle: all it takes to kill a show forever is get one episode pulled. If we convince the network to pull this episode for the sake of Muslims, than the Catholics can demand a show they don't like get pulled. And then people with disabilities can demand another show gets pulled, and so on and so on until Family Guy is no more. It's exactly what happened to Laverne and Shirley."

Furthermore, both Family Guy and South Park had tame episodes with promises of far more offensive stuff coming up in Part Two, but with the caveat that Comedy Central might "puss out".

2:38 PM  
Anonymous said...

yep, your right

3:51 PM  
Anonymous said...

Wait, in that clip cartman said its completely wrong to rip on a religion. Now cartman's arguement to the fact that he rips on religion is that he is a kid not a show on TV viewed by the whole world. Now not too long ago South Park tore Scientology a new one with that one episode.

Now yes many of you including me actually think scientology is a joke. However, cartmans reason for it being wrong to rip on a religion is not to joke on what the belief actually is. But rather the fact that you are doing it on a world wide scale. Scientologists (lame if they may be) still deserve the same respect as any other religion i.e. cristianity, buddism, jewish etc.

In conclusion, in making an episode ripping on scientology ( technically a religion)then making an episode ripping on family guy and saying it is "wrong" and "not cool" to rip on religion quoted by cartman. Now who has their foot in their mouth.

South Park = Hypocrite

I love both shows but i just think its lame that they did that.

6:17 PM  
Anonymous said...

south park is mad because a show has stole some of there thunder and they are being gay now

7:18 PM  
husk said...

That's the whole point, in the episode, Family was meant to represent South Park and FOX was meant to represent Comedy Central -- of course it's a reference to the "scientology" episode being pulled -- again, that's the point. It's all about free speech and how far they can take it if there actually is going to be a second part to that episode. Brilliant brilliant episode, as usual.

8:22 PM  
Anonymous said...

I think 'Feynman and Coulter's Love Child' is absolutely right.

Also, I am a huge fan of family guy, but i thought lastnights episode was incredibly funny. Their version of family guy had me rolling on the floor.

Family guy does rely on 'interchangable jokes' throughout its episodes. These jokes are incredibly funny though, the best part of the show in my opinion. I think Matt and Trey are saying that they often are compared to family guy, but family guy is nothing like their show. South Park often has meaning and a message, whereas family guy just has random jokes. That's what i love about family guy, i can just sit down and laugh for a half an hour and not have to use my brain.

8:28 PM  
Anonymous said...

To "Anonymous" who posted the long comment ending with "south park = hypocrite":

Thanks for missing the point completely.

If you could not tell that Cartman's rant in the above video was aimed at the "Trapped in the Closet" episode, or that this entire South Park Episode is aimed at "Trapped in the Closet," then I wonder how you ever watch South Park.

As for the Family Guy humor v. South Park humor. Both have a formula. While Family Guy uses "remember that one time" setups for EVERY UNRELATED JOKE, South Park follows this track...

-National current event affects south park (hybrids, scientology, passion of the christ)
-Town over reacts
-cartman takes one side (the ultra over-reacting side) while the other boys take the other side
-some kind of journey or other time-wasting scenes
-everyone realizes they've been over reacting via a nice little moral-speech by kyle or stan
-everything returns to normal

Now can we please just watch some freakin TV and enjoy it for the mindless humor it provides without any further analyzation?

12:48 AM  
Anonymous said...

Scientology is not a religion, it's a "religion." They deserve no respect.

1:07 AM  
Anonymous said...

I don't really think South Park accomplished too much last night.. I'll be the first to admit that I'm a Family Guy fan, as well. My complaint about the South Park diss of Family Guy is that everything they said was everything I already knew, and it's part of what I like about Family Guy. I don't know about you guys, but my expectations from cartoons are not the highest. I don't look for an extremely captivating storyline crammed into a 22 minute episode when I watch Family Guy. I enjoy and appreciate Family Guy for the hilarious absurdity and their comedic timing.. among other things. If all of the random interchangable cut-scene jokes are funny, I'm entertained. It's that simple. I think Matt and Trey are accusing the Family Guy staff of trying to accomplish something that they're not. The two shows are actually quite different and their formats shouldn't be directly compared.

1:16 AM  
Anonymous said...

Uh, who decides what's a religion and what's not? You?

1:18 AM  
Anonymous said...

I think everyone is making the wrong conclusion that Matt and Trey don't like FG.

If you remember, Stan and Kyle represent Matt and Trey. So, if Carman was saying it, it shouldn't have been their opinion. When have they ever had Cartman disagree w/ Stan and Kyle, that he wasn't being all crazy.

Everyone needs to realize that while SP is still a funny and topical show, they are not taking a shot at FG.

What a great way to get people to tune in to your show!!

1:18 AM  
Anonymous said...

where is futurama when we need it?

1:21 AM  
Anonymous said...

Get Over it it's just a show.

1:24 AM  
Anonymous said...

Get over it it's jsut a show.

1:25 AM  
Anonymous said...

To the guy who said that South Park is contradicting itself-later in the episode you find out cartman just thinks its "wrong" because he hates family guy and wants any excuse to get it off the air. He couldn't care less if they make fun of the Muslim faith. Just so you know.

1:28 AM  
Anonymous said...

I believe only one guy on here actually understood the episode. South Park was NOT dissing Family Guy. Matt and Trey were going after Issac Hayes, Tom Cruise, Scientology, and even Comedy Central. The entire episode was based on the scientologists trying to pull the plug on South Park, especially the Explaination of Scientology episode and the New Chef episode. Matt and Trey have to defend their work even when Comedy Central wants to puss out and give into the Scientologists. Thats why at the end of the episode it states "Or will Comedy Central puss out?" They had to use another cartoon that has had this sort of problem before, Family Guy (with the episode "Wish Upon a Weinstein" which Fox got threats and pulled that episode off the Fox airwave forever). It was a great episode for people who could actually read between the lines.

1:33 AM  
Anonymous said...

I believe what Jimmy was refering to was that the fact that this episode was not a direct attack of Family Guy. Yes, they poked fun at it with its random humor. Come on, no one is safe from Matt and Trey. They were only using Family Guy as a representation of South Park in real life. They merely cannot say that, "This is what South Park is doing on tv," in a South Park episode. That wouldn't make any sense. They needed another cartoon that would represent South Park. Family Guy is the natural choice since, what Jimmy already explained with the "Wish Upon a Weinstein." Yeah, they made fun of Family Guy, but the whole point of the show was to attack Scientology. I would not go as far to say that Jimmy was ignorant in his writing.

2:30 AM  
Anonymous said...

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2:36 AM  
Anonymous said...

I'm surprised that no one has brought up to extended big-wheels chase scene with Kyle and Cartman. That really put the icing on the cake, because the much publicized rumor was that Tom Cruise threatened to not promote Mission Impossible 3 if the scientology episode aired again. I remember motorcycle and car chases from the first two movies, and the big-wheel chase is a perfect mockery of that. I can't say enough about this episode. Brilliant.

2:43 AM  
Anonymous said...

Yes they got their shot in on famliy guy because theyre not fans of the show, but the blatant point of the episode was to defend freedom of speech. cartman's mission to destroy family guy is that "journey" mentioned in the South Park formula(Matt and Trey have ripped on themselves for that formula) and the point of it in the end will probably just serve the 'defend free speech' piece

2:47 AM  
Anonymous said...

South Park has been getting reallllly preachy lately, and the fact that Family Guy's jokes are so random is part of what makes it so funny. Trey and Matt are being player haters here.

3:00 AM  
Anonymous said...

in the second part i bet the "family guy writing staff" will be Xenu ( scientology "villain). whether or not trey and matt hate family guy is besides the point. Family guy is symbolic for South Park in the episode. Also, we all know the trapped in the closet episode got pulled but we can't forget the bloody mary episode either. I like both shows however family guy is starting not to hit my funny bone as much as it used to but i still watch cuz i like the show.

3:09 AM  
Anonymous said...

I've been a fan of both South Park and Family Guy for years now and i'm heartbroken by this feud. Matt and Trey are getting a bit too large for their panties, and I think it's time they checked into the bighead clinic. I mean, c'mon, they are fucking rich, fucking all the hot bitches and living the good life. Why feel so threatened? For fucks sake, if I made it to their level i'd quit while I was ahead and kickback, travel the world, spend hard cash till i'm to old to do so. South Park loves to rip on the hipocracy of modern life and I can dig that. But I so love the unpredictability of Family Guy. You never know where they will go next and thats what makes it supurb.

3:19 AM  
Anonymous said...

You know what is really interesting? The fact that the Simpsons AND SouthPark, two series that are WELL past their prime, have resorted to taking shots at The Family Guy.

They all know who the top dog in prime time animation is right's McFarlane.

3:51 AM  
Anonymous said...

Wow, I got this link through I gotta say, after reading this, you're all stupid and pathetic for even thinking about it this much. Its a tv show for enjoyment. Stop overanalyzing everything, get out of your house and try getting a life

4:22 AM  
Anonymous said...

Every person I've talked to who digs family guy always responds with the same "I like that its so random" line. Family Guy is like a shitty Stand Up comedian who tells 5 jokes, one of them is good, and people say "Wow, he's funny.". And the other comedians talk about how shitty he is. Family Guy is crap. South Park, while hit and miss as well, has a much higher batting average than FG. And Family Guy's best episodes couldn't hold the jock of the Simpsons' best.

4:41 AM  
Anonymous said...

Wow this whole thing really weeds out the idiots without a sense of humor (90% of america.)

Person with a sense of humor: Hahaha family guy sucks go south park!
Idiot: OMG i cant believe south park took a shot at family guy! what ever will i do now?
Idiot2: Well... *excuse as to why they used family guy in the episode* It wasnt a shot at them dont worry!

5:42 AM  
Anonymous said...

Basically, South Park produced a show that pissed off very wealthy people in it's own environment so it got punished. Obviously when it makes fun of just Judaism or Catholicism it's fine cause thats an enormous population throughout the world. BUT if you attach a small group that has extreme and if i may, pretty fucked up, views of the world and satirize them you get screwed cause someone who bought into that shit just happens to be influential in politics. It is TOTAL BULLSHIT. Just cause you don't like what someone says doesn't give you the right to execute economical muscle on the medium they use the express it in order to squash their idea. What the fuck Mt. Cruise, are you the next Hitler, go fuck yourself and your invitro tube you used on that porr Katie Holmes. The WORLD IS NOT HOLLYWOOD!!!!!!! GET USED TO PEOPLE BEING FREE AND THINKING WHAT THEY WANT AND SAYING WHAT THEY WANT CAUSE THATS WHAT AMERICA WAS BASED ON!

sorry for the rant but free speech is so important and all I've gotten recently is reasons why we don't respect it. I live in New Orleans and go to a pretty high level university but even now students get screwed cause the administration wants to regulate everything. Sound familiar Georgey??? BTW Fuck IRAQ why aren't we investing in our own DEVASTATED HOMELAND!?!?!?!?!?!?!

7:28 AM  
Anonymous said...

Whoever just posted.... why would you bring Iraq into this? And do you watch Mind of Mencia after South Park, yeah well he had the right view on New Orleans....

Anyways, I think everyone here needs to relax and look at things differently. The thing that makes South Park so genius is that I don't know anyone who ever watches an episode and says "no that isn't true." They use truth to show something that everyone knows in a comedic way. Everyone knows that Family Guy uses random humor that has nothing to do with the plot, but honestly, who really thinks about that when they watch it? They were just pointing it out, and it was funny. You people have to realize, that they make fun of themselves sometimes. I mean Cartman's speech in that video is referring to himself on South Park always making fun of Jews, yet there has never been a problem. But if it were muslim's or scientology, there would be hell to pay. They point out how stupid America really is sometimes....

8:02 AM  
Anonymous said...

Whoever just posted.... why would you bring Iraq into this? And do you watch Mind of Mencia after South Park, yeah well he had the right view on New Orleans....

Anyways, I think everyone here needs to relax and look at things differently. The thing that makes South Park so genius is that I don't know anyone who ever watches an episode and says "no that isn't true." They use truth to show something that everyone knows in a comedic way. Everyone knows that Family Guy uses random humor that has nothing to do with the plot, but honestly, who really thinks about that when they watch it? They were just pointing it out, and it was funny. You people have to realize, that they make fun of themselves sometimes. I mean Cartman's speech in that video is referring to himself on South Park always making fun of Jews, yet there has never been a problem. But if it were muslim's or scientology, there would be hell to pay. They point out how stupid America really is sometimes....

8:02 AM  
Anonymous said...

I think that South Park actually wrote Family Guy funnier than Family Guy.

I also think that South Park was ripping on itself.

So this "Burn" on Family Guy really could have been a lot worse.

That scene wasn't vicious, it was weak. Very weak.

9:02 AM  
Anonymous said...

South Park is just mad about being second to Family Guy. For people to say that all family guy does is just make the same jokes over, obviously more people think that it is funnier than South Park's repetative jokes... oh wait saying that South Park has jokes would imply that the show was actually funny. South Park is old and ready to be ended. And I'm sure that you will not see millions of people asking for South Park to come back on the air after it has been canceled.

9:19 AM  
Anonymous said...

This show was mocking all the people who think it's wrong to make fun of anything (religion, otherwise).

Anyone who doesn't see that is stupid.

And scientology isn't a religion, the US Supreme Court said so.

9:55 AM  
Anonymous said...

I can't believe you people. I don't think Matt and Trey hate Family Guy. (If you noticed, Stan and Kyle laugh at a joke in the "episode" they watch and they say constantly that they like it.) They just don't like being compared to Family Guy because they are totally different shows. That's what Cartman was pissed off about.

I'm a recent South Park fan, and I love this show. It's brilliant. Much more brilliant than Family Guy because of the way they do incorporate jokes and politics and religion into the story line. Yes Family Guy is hilarious (I own all 3 DVD sets) but South Park is better, it's a better, more well crafted show.

10:02 AM  
Anonymous said...

I can't believe you people. I don't think Matt and Trey hate Family Guy. (If you noticed, Stan and Kyle laugh at a joke in the "episode" they watch and they say constantly that they like it.) They just don't like being compared to Family Guy because they are totally different shows. That's what Cartman was pissed off about.

I'm a recent South Park fan, and I love this show. It's brilliant. Much more brilliant than Family Guy because of the way they do incorporate jokes and politics and religion into the story line. Yes Family Guy is hilarious (I own all 3 DVD sets) but South Park is better, it's a better, more well crafted show.

10:02 AM  
Anonymous said...

Ok, so first of all, I'm a Family Guy fan first, SP second.

I don't think South Park meant to "diss" family guy, even though they did make fun of it. I do agree that Family Guy was supposed to represent SP in the episode (ex. Cartman's asking Kyle what he would think of a tv show that bashed jews, of course alluding to SP itself.

Also, look at just about every other episode of south park. they all take an issue, blow it out of proportion to show everyone just how stupid it is, and end with the moral. I think the point of this episode (and/or the next one) is not aimed at bashing Family Guy, but rather bashing the muslim roits following the cartoon in Denmark.

It's 100% political satire--0% ratings fued

10:42 AM  
Anonymous said...

South Park is funny and Family Guy is funny. Two differant types of humor on two great shows...since when can we not have more then one great cartoon?

South Park relies on humor about poo and is funny becuase its a bunch of 8 yr old kids running around saying fuck more then all of us combined.

Family Guy is funny becuase each member of the family has their own role...and the invention of Stewie is something that South Park can't touch.

10:44 AM  
Anonymous said...

Now I just wanna say one thing, cant all cartoons just get along? Do you think the smurfs and the snorks had beef, I think not. I do love cartman, he's one of the only funny ones, family guy is fuckin hilarious too, I do think that matt stone and trey parker have made a great mistake, Seth Mcfarlane... I got your back.

10:50 AM  
Anonymous said...

South Park is marginally funny at best. Their following seems mostly to consist of 20-somethings who haven't even seen much of the real world yet. But they've got it "all figured out". Family Guy at least has witty humor.

11:07 AM  
Anonymous said...

Totally meant to be political satire but what interests me more is what type of retaliatory episode is family guy gonna make on south park.

11:14 AM  
Anonymous said...

Holy Christ...they are two completely different kinds of shows with two different tactics for making the viewers laugh. They were never meant to be the same show, and will never be the same show. Both are genius in their own ways. If McFarlane is smart, he'll just keep writing how he writes and not get into a battle.

11:25 AM  
Anonymous said...

Family Guy is a very poorly written show. Here's their creative process:

"Hey guys, we need to write episode 60 of FG - ideas?"

"Um, well, we could just take a story from the Honeymooners or Family Ties - something like that could work"

"I love it! But we need to make it a Family Guy - we're edgy and hilarious, apparently"

"Oh yeah - well lets just grab like 10 jokes of the pile"

"Right! I keep forgetting that our jokes have nothing to do with the story and they're basically just shitty shitty ornaments on the even shittier tree that is the plot of every episode"

"I know - sometimes I forget how awesome we are myself"

"FO Realz"

"Well. I think we're done now. Want to watch King of The Hill or something - you know, to get ideas"

"I'm down. Also, let's rape a child"

"Oh - goes without saying!"


If it sounds real - its because scientists developed this in a simulator. This is absolutely the way each episode of the Family Guy is brought to life.

You can take that to the bank.

11:28 AM  
Anonymous said...

Im the one who posted the south park = hypocrite one. Didnt see the episode in its entirety... I was just basing my opinion on that clip.

And its fun to stir up the pot a little bit :-)

South Park Rocks
and so does Family Guy

If it makes you laugh regardless of whether it is right or wrong or as many put it "poorly written", who flippin' cares. You have to go back to whole reason why we watch either show. Enter-frickin-tainment... and they both do it for me.

11:44 AM  
Anonymous said...

You can't just put a sentence in quotes and just pretend it's a real quote. I mean I could just put, the writers of South Park obviously said "I love Family Guy so much that I just had to include them in our upcoming episode." "I agree, the only thing better than being able to write for that show is including them in ours."

Your quotes dont mean crap.

And some of you geniuses need to stop dwelling on some sort of imaginary feud you wanna make up for the two shows. It's just South Park and Comedy Central. Making fun of Family Guy is just what they had to do... they're South Park for cryin out loud.

12:09 PM  
Anonymous said...

People here are sticking up for scientology? First of all, they are a cult that was invented as a scam. They qualify as a religion only because virtually anything can qualify as a religion in this country as long as its non-profit. Second of all, they've murdered people in this country, look it up. Third of all, being posessed by evil spirits? Anyone else here think that's a little out there? And, finally, fourth of all, faith is supposed to come from within. If a person's faith can't withstand criticism, its not very strong in the first place. Especially when the criticism comes from a cartoon. Boo hoo, scientologists, people have called you on your crap, finally.

1:24 PM  
Anonymous said...

The Simpsons already did it.

1:58 PM  
Anonymous said...

The Simpsons can take shots at anyone it wants to. The fact is, neither South Park nor Family Guy will make it nineteen seasons deep.

2:08 PM  
Anonymous said...

If I didn't go to college humor I would have never gotten on this website. Last night episode was hilarious. It's the kind of cutting edge humor I expect from South Park. I thought they were respectful to Family Guy, and that they had the essense of the show down packed. I hope that next week episode does come out. It's rare that any episode can be an event Like Who is Cartman's Dad or Who Shot Mr. Burns.

2:16 PM  
Anonymous said...

Just so eveyrone knows, family guy is poorly written. The shows been on a downward spiral since it got back on FOX. It's a terrible show, it isn't funny and it isn't unique. It's a wannabe Simpsons/southpark mixed together. The jokes are interchangable, and for anyone who said the episode of southpark was bad last night, the did it the same way Family guy has done one of their shows, where the pieced it all together to make something that made absolutely no sense. God Save Matt And Trey

2:32 PM  
Anonymous said...

WHO here likes penis???

That question is about as relevant as anything you dumb fucks are bickering about.

Its all about Popeye...

Look at him in all his glory. Simpsons, South Park, and family guy can learn something from Popeye. I mean kem on!

3:17 PM  
Anonymous said...


3:19 PM  
Anonymous said...

That wikipedia article posted above (
is completely terrible. Everytime The Simpsons airs an episode first, then Family Guy does an episode with a similar idea later, it's blatant plagiarism. But when Family Guy has an origanl idea that The Simpsons copy, it's an "unavoidable coincidence." Right.

3:21 PM  
Anonymous said...

Robot Chicken is better than all these stupid cartoons.

3:28 PM  
Anonymous said...

Umm... I think they are ripping on Isaac Hayes for quitting because the Scientology episode offended him. South Park isn't being hypocritical.

3:47 PM  
Anonymous said...

Yea, Robot Chicken Rocks...but more to the topic...

Parker and Stone did not set out in life to make the world happy, please everyone, or to be opposite-of-offensive (laf). They made a little offensive cartoon years ago, and it has grown into a huge, satirical powerhouse. It thrives on its offensiveness, as this is what allowed it to balloon into what it is today. I think that the South Park “fan boys” (pardon my gaming term theft) are mad at the Family guy “fan boys” and vice versa. What it all comes down to is a matter of opinion. The Parker/Stone camp thrives on controversy, and week after week, provides it, creates it, and reacts to it, by topping themselves. Seth McFarland does the same thing, with different content. Peter mocks other religions, races, and ideas in much the same way that the kids of South Park do. Both are hilarious and intelligent in their own “cartoon-gone-retarded” sort of way. Why so much hate, just because South Park mocked Family Guy and made “hypocritical comments” (not according to me, according to some bloggers)? I don’t get the big deal. Too sensitive. Family Guy is great. South Park is great. The two of them crossing over into each others realms…uber great. Don’t chastise this event, embrace it, b/c its like, totally freakin awesome!
Fan Boys are annoying. I bet all you at there that are bitching about SP beating on FG are the same ones I see on gaming blogs telling everyone your playstation is super cool, but never bothering to actually look up the specs of any other systems.
Everyone can generalize and say that this show is un original or that show is, however, I beleive that all shows that come out are INSPIRED by other genius works. McFarland, Parker and Stone probably have similar deranged minds, I would like to see any of you people write the content with as much hilarity and hidden intellect as some of our current cartoon comedies hold. You think its so easy? Write a better cartoon. Send it to a major studio, and when you are rich and famous one day, then you can come back and say " i told you i could do better than Parker, Stone, and McFarland"

4:11 PM  
Anonymous said...

Makes a lot more sense now that the whole episode was posted... In the intial clip there was nothing about FOX nor the Episode being pulled. Now that ive seen the whole thing makes a lot more sense funny fuckin shit.

4:14 PM  
Anonymous said...

Did anyone see the comment that the guy posted about South Park being a "hypocrite". He made this whole schpiel about it...when that was the point all along. Cartman ALWAYS makes fun of Jews...thats why its funny. What a douche.

4:19 PM  
Anonymous said...

Matt and Trey are whiny preachy douchebags. Their jabs at Family Guy are more desperate and pathetic than anything. The shock value of cartoon kids swearing and doing naughty things has worn off and what's left are lame formulaic after school specials disguised as some sort of subversive prank. South Park is about as subversive as Law and Order now and about as funny too.

4:33 PM  
Anonymous said...


4:45 PM  
Anonymous said...

It seem to me that the writers of south park have pulled a really ballsy political move on the people of Comedy Central in reaction to CC's removal of the "Trappped in the Closet" episode. If you remember, Muslims were very recently rioting over an image of Mohammed in Danish political cartoons. Next weeks episode, which promises and uncensored cartoon featuring Mohammed, will air. What will be the reaction of the Muslim population of the world? Will CC censor SP again, just as in Cartman's model? These guys are weilding real political power, Comedy Central probably wishes it hadn't pulled that episode. Matt and Trey are really laying it on the line. They sould be furious that they got censored by a special interest group.

5:02 PM  
Anonymous said...

to whoever it was that said south park was hypocritical by having cartman rip on people making fun of religion, you DO NOT GET IT. STOP WATCHING SOUTH PARK, if you think that south park was being hypocritical i suggest that you stop watching television, and stop being so stupid. that is all

5:19 PM  
Anonymous said...

I think that they were making fun of Izack Hayes(Chef)...i think thats how you spell his name...also the fact that stan and kyle said good things about the show, showed that they weren't really making fun of family guy

5:28 PM  
Anonymous said...

This was a great, great episode of South Park, and no, it wasn't just about Matt and Trey being upset at the popularity of Family Guy. This episode really had nothing to do with Family Guy and everything to do with South Park, as people have said above.

I love both South Park and Family Guy, and really don't like to compare cartoons because, really, they all have different styles (trying comparing South Park, Family Guy, Futurama, Robot Chicken, Sealab 2021 -- they're all great shows, but are so different from each other).

People who say that Matt and Trey are getting preachy must still want South Park to be like it was in its first couple of seasons, which I believe was potty humor and kids cussing for shock value. However, SP has matured wonderfully over the years into one of the greatest satires on tv: they spare no one, the don't soften the blows, and they're always topical, dealing with issues of the week. Kudos to South Park on their Peabody Award; I can't think of another show on tv that deserves it more.

5:33 PM  
Anonymous said...

"I can't believe you people. I don't think Matt and Trey hate Family Guy. (If you noticed, Stan and Kyle laugh at a joke in the "episode" they watch and they say constantly that they like it.) They just don't like being compared to Family Guy because they are totally different shows. That's what Cartman was pissed off about.

I'm a recent South Park fan, and I love this show. It's brilliant. Much more brilliant than Family Guy because of the way they do incorporate jokes and politics and religion into the story line. Yes Family Guy is hilarious (I own all 3 DVD sets) but South Park is better, it's a better, more well crafted show."

Right on the money.

7:16 PM  
Anonymous said...

The episode never accused Family Guy of plagiarism.

8:41 PM  
Anonymous said...

First off....I just wanna say Futurama is totally awesome...and i dont think its cool that south park took shots at it like that. They are both good shows, but Futurama obviously picks up where Squidbillies left off. Also Southpark.

9:37 PM  
Anonymous said...

Family Guy is not funny. The DVD only sucked balls. American Dad is one of the worst things on TV.

The Boondocks rule - Futurama was good, and The Simpsons are hit or miss, as they have been for years now.

I've heard they're bringing back Futurama - I hope it still kicks ass.

11:31 PM  
Anonymous said...

Does no one else see the irony in this episode regarding the fact that family guy is supposed to be showing muhammad on television, when south park already has done this(see super best friends), no one else sees this?

12:27 AM  
Anonymous said...

Maybe I can finally try to put a few things to rest and clear things up, since people keep making the same mistakes about the episode...

1. This was not a ratings feud with Family Guy, sure they made a few jokes (all entirely accurate too) but that is not the point of the episode. Also They do not hate FG, what they do hate is that people compare the two shows, as they are both comedies, when in fact they are entirely different in their style and message.

So to the people who keep saying that they are different... THAT IS THE POINT!

2. This episode was meant to be an allegory for Comedy Central's decision to pull the earlier episode "Trapped in the Closet"

They do this in the sense that Family Guy represents South Park, and the Muslim religion in the episode is meant to represent Scientology. Then Cartman is the unreasonable douchebags that got a rather funny episode pulled

3. To clarify some of my own personal opinions, I think both SP and FG are both entertaining. I used to like FG alot in the first 3 seasons, but ever since its being put back on the air I think it is steadily going downhill.

As for SP I enjoy the funny, topical humor. Anyone on here saying SP is just lame, potty jokes and cursing clearly hasn't watched the show since the earliest seasons. It's one of the smartest and most clever shows on television today, although I agree that they can get a little preachy lately, as well as they blow some issues way out of proportion. (hybrid episode) However I still find both these shows funny...

hope that cleared things up...

1:39 AM  
Anonymous said...

That was one of the most hypocritical episodes of South Park ever. They criticized Family Guy for interchangeable jokes? What was that series that relied on a young boy dying in every episode and a fat kid making jew jokes. Oh yeah. I like both shows, they are both funny, but Trey and Matt were wrong on this one, and actually presented themselves as douche bags.

2:06 AM  
Anonymous said...

Everything needs a good roasting. I mean, come on.

2:31 AM  
Anonymous said...

anyone that thinks family guy is witty must have a highschool education or lower. family guy is an okay show at best, and watching american dad really shows how pathetic and unoriginal that show is, because it is essentially the same show, but even worse. southpark is an excellent show, and many people have pointed out some great reasons as to why, but the writing on southpark is much better than on family guy. southpark has many dimensions to it's stories, there is the obvious surface humor, which is generally fairly low level, but behind it all, there is a greater intelligence which ties everything together, and brings in a moral to the story. southpark is satirical, childish, intelligent, political, and enlightening. i think the best comment made so far was about southpark using truth in their episodes, and conveying it in a humorous way. the scientology episode didn't even need anything other than the story of scientology's "beliefs" to be funny. the people that really need to be angry here are the creators of the simpsons. family guy is a direct rip off of the simpsons, and it's done in poor imitation. the simpsons even ripped on family guy. but to all of you who seem to forget, southpark essentially waged war on scientology, and they can't come outright and say anything directly about scientology, so it all has to be disguised. that's why chef joined the super adventure club, and they linked it to scientology by adding the same disclaimer at the bottom of the screen that they used when they ran the episode on scientology's beliefs. the super adventure clud is scientology, cartman is scientology in the new episode, family guy represents southpark, the muslims are also representative of scientology in that episode as well. someone posted earlier that this episode weeds out the people who are moronic and without sense of humor fom those who are more intelligent and have a sense of humor. if you are only looking at the surface of this and thinking, damn they just attacked family guy, thats my favorite show, southpark sucks, then you have completely and utterly missed the entire point of the episode, and of course you will probably never get any of the others, so of course you think something you can't comprehend isn't funny. seth mcfarlane is a hack. viva southpark.

3:15 AM  
Anonymous said...

At least people are thinking for themselves....even if it is about cartoons and about what 2 guys meant by making the cartoon.

3:28 AM  
Anonymous said...

I love this episode.

first off im a HUGE fan of both fg and sp i own all the dvds for both shows! This is not an attack on fg like so many who can see the real issue have made ohh so clear. It all boils down to fredom of speech.

With that i do have to side with people saying that fg has gone downhill since they came back. sp though still kicken a$$ after so many episodes.

i cant wait to see how comedy central reacts to this one, and i pray that this isnt the begining of the end for sp!

3:30 AM  
Anonymous said...

I think the point is being missed completely by most of you. This isnt about who is funnier at all. They are both funny shows and it is possible to enjoy both. This seriously seems high school all over again. "oh you like family guy? you're dumb." Both shows made it to primetime television which is a great accomplishment. Heres some food for thought about the SP episode next week: Remember when SP played up cartmans dad only to show the terrence and philip episode? what if they take it in another direction completely and try to air the trapped in the closet episode again? That was my original thought at the end of the episode. Anyone think that its possible? If so, its always good to see a showdown like that.

4:14 AM  
Anonymous said...

Just stop arguing and watch South Park. That way you don't have to waste energy changing the channel to watch the Daily Show and Colbert Report. Beat that, bitches.

4:47 PM  
Anonymous said...

uhh.. yeh..

i don't know if many people have said it before, as i didn't read anything, but it seems to me that as much as this episode is a parody of family guy it is equally a parody of itself.

cartman rips on family guy for having the same kind of jokes over and over - and the way the whole episode progresses is the same structure of development of south park episodes that i've seen... probably at least 25 times on south park before (i'm never became a HUGE fan, just a casual enjoyer)

i didn't pick up on the trapped in the closet stuff so much, i think i've had my head buried in sand too much lately (or maybe just thick plumes of mellow smoke)

5:24 PM  
Anonymous said...

Is anyone aware that the "Will Comedy Central Puss Out" quote is about Southpark showing an image of Mohammed. (the country buries its head in the sand)

6:23 PM  
Anonymous said...

Family Guy is a good show... But no where in the league with south park. Matt and Trey are just geniuses who go after everybody. Im not saying i dont like family guy. the randomness is funny, but south park is just better and has a right to make fun of other shows. If they didnt rip on family guy we woulddnt have this episode now would we? Oh well time to watch some more family guy dvd's as i wat for the next south park.

10:56 PM  
Anonymous said...

I've never seen South Park before. This is the first time I've seen any part of an episode.

Perhaps I am not jaded by previous episodes; I don't see how this is a slam on Family Guy. If they wanted to take a real shot at it, the bits wouldn't have been funny in the least.

Slam or not, I think it's just as much Southpark making fun of itself as Cartman tries to justify making fun of issues because he is just a boy; he's still in a comedy cartoon, which makes it similar in ways to Family Guy.

This clip leads me to believe that Southpark is a good show and I have been missing out. I also enjoy Family Guy and The Simpsons.

(Every word repeated is plaigirism of someone else's invention.)

4:32 AM  
Anonymous said...

You people are stupid for thinking they are trying to make fun of family guy because they're not. If they wanted to they would have made it a lot worse. Like some other people have already said, they were using Family Guy as an example and if you don't realize that already then you shouldn't be watching either show dumbasses

11:57 AM  
Anonymous said...

Family Guy is hilarious and Seth McFarlane is a genius. It's as simple as that. But guess what, South Park is funny too. They're both great shows, and thats that.

By the way, I don't understand why everyone thinks the Simpsons is so great...I just don't see it.

3:09 PM  
Anonymous said...

The war wages on. Blogs entertain me for one reason alone, the hypocrytical commentaion of testosterone driven "fan-boyism". Everyone thinks their opinion is the correct one, and they refuse to listen to any of the opinions of others. One must remmeber, they are solely opinions.
If we look at hard core facts:
Family Guy- Won multiple Emmy's, Annies, and Golden Reel Awards, and was nominated for many more.
South Park- Won multiple Annie's, CableACE, and Emmy's, and, like FG, was nominated for multiple others.
The field remains pretty balanced between amount of awards won and nominated, it takes about 5 seconds on Google to figure that out.
What it comes down to is basic. Hard-Core South Park fans hate FG, and hard-core Family Guy fans hate SP, the vast majority of fans remains in the middle, where appreciation of the great rhetoric incased in both shows is key. Whatever, you guys can continue to look incredibly ignorant and say one show is superior over another, when in actuality, you can't really compare the two at all. It reminds me of the equally annoying coke-pepsi fanatic battles...who cares? Just go like what you like, and let everyone else like what they like, and stop trying to instill your ignorant, one sided ideas on the rest of the world, b/c the only other people that really care, are the other fan boys that want to fight with you...

5:35 PM  
Anonymous said...


8:03 PM  
Anonymous said...

I don't really get the whole free speech bullshit. If everyone cares so much about free speech than how come we don't use racists words in public. Isn't that against free speech too. If the media can show content that is offensive to many on the basis of free speech then should'nt everyone be allowed free speech. How come there are so many things that get censored on TV? Is that not against free speech too?

3:25 AM  
Anonymous said...

the fact that so many morons spend so much time discussing irrelevant South Park minutiae shows me one thing: The show's more sophisticated comedy is wasted on most of the ass-clowns who watch it. If you feel the need to carry on a ceaseless debate about the meaning of every little thing that happens in an episode then you probably don't really understand the point of it all anyway.

Oh yeah, just so you know....people that stick "just so you know" at the end of their posts usually don't know what the hell they're talking about.

Don't you people have anything better to do with your lives??? South Park is nothing but a witty and amusing little cartoon that manages to be watchable because it DOESN'T TAKE ITSELF TO SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!

you should all hang yourselves.

--JustThis Guy.

11:37 AM  
Anonymous said...

anybody who writes over 3 sentances on here sucks. it's a show, and they're both (FG and SP) pretty funny.

11:42 AM  
Anonymous said...

oh yeah,

its hilarious how many of you people dignify Scientology (and consequently don't really get the joke) with such mindbogglingly profound theological gems as,

"I want this cult investigated for a scam,"


"And scientology isn't a religion, the US Supreme Court said so."


"Scientologists (lame if they may be) still deserve the same respect as any other religion i.e. cristianity, buddism, jewish etc."


"in making an episode ripping on scientology ( technically a religion)then making an episode ripping on family guy and saying it is "wrong" and "not cool" to rip on religion quoted by cartman [is hipocritical]." **see below


"Obviously when it makes fun of just Judaism or Catholicism it's fine cause thats an enormous population throughout the world. BUT if you attach a small group that has extreme and if i may, pretty fucked up, views of the world and satirize them you get screwed cause someone who bought into that shit just happens to be influential in politics."

(Granted, this last one isn't really a theology, but it is a stupid conspiracy theory that deserves to be lambasted...Scientology is just a stupid little fad that a few big Hollywood types got into...its not sinister, its funny...that's why its on South Park)

With that said, here's an open letter to all the people who post on this site:

Dear fellow poster,

Why do you feel the need to projectile-shit your meaningless ideas all over the internet?

Honestly, how dumb do you have to be to be "scammed" into a religion that is based on the wacked-out hallucinations of a cult sci-fi writer?

Write this next part down, kiddies...

Part of the reason South Park is funny is that it pokes fun at things that are so OBVIOUSLY FUNNY that we cruise through life without seeing how hilarious they are....Like Scientology and corporate politics...and Nazis...and Jews...and Barbara Streisand........etc etc etc. So stop ruining the joke by taking every little nugget of humor in every single episode and KICKING IT LIKE A DEAD HORSE while shoving fritos in your face, watching VHI, and missing the point entirely.

Grow up, little girls...everything you think is funny and pertinent is really boring and useless. If you had done anything other than stare at the boob tube since puberty you might actually be able to wrap your little mind around something as sophisticated as a children's cartoon with some topical content. Ha!

Once again...please hang yourselves before your can contaminate the gene pool.


**[ed.'s note: sorry the 4th quote is a little tough to understand. It seems to have been written with a complete ignorance of even the most basic concept of 'grammar,' or 'coherence,' or other important elements of prose that people used to learn before letting other people read their writting...God Bless the Internet for allowing people like this to make fools of themselves for my amusement]

12:19 PM  
Anonymous said...

both shows have their perks and are different in how they convey their jokes.

this does make me wonder if there was a debate similar to this on the simpsons did it episode.

4:32 PM  
Anonymous said...

All right, guys. The point of this episode is to defend free speech, not to bash family guy. If you actually WATCH the WHOLE episode, you notice that they're only using family guy as an allegory for south park. Isaac Hayes (they guy who played chef) left the show, because it made fun of scientology, and apparently, he's a scientologist now. Also, the episode making fun of scientology (Trapped in the Closet) was pulled off the air by comedy central. Now, remember that the family guy episode on south park is going to show an uncensored image of muhammed, which sparked riots. (reference to danish cartoon... like someone mentioned above it also references the super best friends episode, which, interestingly enough, didn't get as much publicity.) So, South Park is calling out comedy central with this episode, seeing if they'll pull this one as well. Family guy has a very small role in the show, but it was a chance for trey and matt to say, in essence, "stop comparing us." the remarks trey parker and matt stone made (reference from above): "'When people say to me, God, you guys have one of the best shows on television. You and Family Guy. That fucking hurts so bad', to which Parker agreed: 'Very well said. It's such a kick in the balls.'" They're not saying family guy is a bad show; they're not embarrassed to be compared. they're saying that by being compared, people aren't getting the point of their show and aren't hearing their message. That's all. Just watch the episode. Burying heads in the sand has more relevance than their portrayal family guy (which really isn't that bad). So stop making posts about how great family guy/south park is. Stop pitting them against each other, when there is no real quarrel and understand the true message of the episode. free speech.

5:23 PM  
Anonymous said...

...shut up man no one cares, u have absolutly no life if you took that time out of your life to tell all these dumbasses what happened

6:44 PM  
Anonymous said...

Stewie is a third rate Bart Simpson.

7:36 PM  
Anonymous said...

Hey Louis, remember that time something wacky happened?

11:35 PM  
Anonymous said...

it's funny how south park has hinted at airing a cartoon of muhammad and most of you idiots are on here debating whether south park is better than family guy. airing this cartoon would be a monumental event, after all the backlash that has occured around the world, and could have huge consequences.

jesus christ this is why america has gone to shit. don't any of you have a real thought in your fucking heads?

1:17 AM  
Anonymous said...

you're all pretty much morons. ive read about 3 worthwhile responses on here. south park's intent was not to rip on family guy... it was to rip on people who overreact to things that are put on tv that may or may not be offensive to certain people. i am dumber for having read all of your comments. thanks

3:12 AM  
Anonymous said...


6:56 PM  
Anonymous said...

I just can't believe you grown ups are getting so worked up over cartoons.... seriously, did anyone ever search for the deeper meaning behind the roadrunner and the coyote? The sociological reasons behind Elmer Fudd's intense hate of wabbits, and intense love of shotguns? Just kill a half hour and laugh, or, if you don't laugh, change the channel.

1:03 AM  
terrible too's said...

To the guy with the bible length post:

the episode does defend free speech. however, look Family Guy up on Wikepedia, there's a quote in there by Parker and Stone that clarifies their distaste for the show.

3:39 AM  
terrible too's said... yeah, their intent was to rip on Family Guy...ya dumb jew

3:41 AM  
Anonymous said...

to me, south park took one shot and hit multiple targets including themselves, and i think that's what they wanted.

3:48 PM  
Anonymous said...

Well, I hate to be the one to tell you guys this, but I don't think the purpose of the show was to create two "legions" of fans aimed at dissing one another. The fact that you are doing so, makes you just as pathetic and hypocritical as any religion you have bashed on this forum, am I right?

The intended purpose was not to create high-schoolish cliques, unless I missed something.

12:09 AM  
Anonymous said...

hmmm, well, from a british perspective both shows are getting pretty creaky now. They have their moments, don't get me wrong. It's just that there are only so many times you can watch an extremely (and increasingly) formulaic cartoon without wanting to gouge your own eyes out with a shoe-horn. Preachy South Park, or Family Guy's apparent use of JokeTron 5000? One thing's for damn sure, there'll be plenty of geeks circling and picking at the rotting remains of these two shows for years to come.

Also (devils advocate and a bit off topic), I advise anyone who feels the need to comment (or troll) about whether a religion is a 'religion', to actually do some research first, or you'll just look silly. Ninian Smart's The Seven Dimensional Model Of Religion would be a good place to start. And like it or not, Scientology does in fact clearly meet her considered criteria. As for whether or not Scientology is based on alleged fallacies; how many people consider Christ's resurrection as false, yet continue to live their lives in the framework of a democratic society based on essentially Christian values? For some people it's just the way they want to live their lives. There's nothing like religion for bringing out the mindless bigot in otherwise rational people, eh?

11:16 AM  
Anonymous said...

I fully endorsing Matt, Trey and Seth McFarlane just getting naked and enjoying the sweaty musk of each other's loins. And Seth McFarlane might endorse that as well.

11:41 AM  
Anonymous said...

Matt and Trey wanted Muhammad to be shown to prove that no religion should be safe from ridicule just because they are willing to blow themselves up for it. The day that we see a suicide bomber for Jesus, then the higher ups will second think about cracking on him. Same for every other religion, but for the time being Muhammad is the dark horse. It's sad, I thought our media liked pushing all the right buttons for ratings. Show Muhammad=Ratings Up The Ass. What's up? Ya'll scared?

Mad Love, E

12:44 PM  
Anonymous said...

#1. as some other people stated, the point of using family guy as the "contraversial" tv show wasn't to trash Family Guy.

#2. Matt & Trey diss themselves all the time and admit that South Park isn't always Comedy Gold. However, like someone else here said as well, they have a pretty good "batting average" versus other shows (like Family Guy).

#3. Scientology is a dangerous cult at worst and a pyramid scheme at best.

In the late 1940s, pulp writer L. Ron Hubbard declared:

"Writing for a penny a word is ridiculous. If a man really wants to make a million dollars, the best way would be to start his own religion"

Reader's Digest reprint, May 1980, p.1

go educate yourself :

1:19 PM  
Anonymous said...

"The ultimate hypocrite is not Comedy Central that's their decision not to show the image of Muhammad or not it's Parker and Stone," he said. "Like little whores, they'll sit there and grab the bucks. They'll sit there and they'll whine and they'll take their shot at Jesus. That's their stock in trade."

Copyright 2006 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.

trey and matt = hypocrite just like I FUCKING SAID BEFORE. read article

fuck you all!

3:50 PM  
Anonymous said...

Everybody missed the points. They weren't slamming FG. Just trying to show that Freedom of Speech is being hampered.

4:39 PM  
Anonymous said...

No matter you spin it, depicting manatees carrying random idea balls that create jokes is indeed slamming FG.

9:42 PM  
Anonymous said...

you guys, just chill.

i am a fan of both Famliy Guy and South Park. i live in malaysia (most of you people probably dont even acknowledge the existence of this country but anyway besides the point)

both shows are different. very different. in their own ways.
as mentioned earlier above, both FG and SP have their own plot formula, which makes them different from one another.

people have been comparing the two shows and noting them as similar, which pissed trey and matt of because they are "nothing like family guy" (in the words of eric cartman)

i watch family guy when i feel like laughing to the stupidest jokes without the need to think.

i watch south park when i wanna laugh at pre-constructed elaborate jokes.

both shows can be considered similar, with all the singing and the ever-recurring "what the fuck???" type of jokes, but both do it their own way

its not wrong to hate the shows, or to love them, thats the whole point of freedom of speech.

so you guys just chilllll and enjoy watching what's on tv

cheers from malaysia

1:00 AM  
Anonymous said...

Anonymous that is going and on on about the hypocrit labeling BS,
do you know how crazy the Catholic League can get with it's own intolerance (not jokes, but straight out attacks against others for believing differently) ["The Catholic League argued that Corpus Christi infringes on the rights to Christians "to participate in American public life without defamation or discrimination." link below) Corpus Christi being a play with an opposing interpretation of Jesus.
Art or an artist doing art infringing on the rights of Christians by interpreting religious stories him/herself?? Art is a thing, and this is said from an organization (and the president of which is the "he" in the article you cited) that routinely will defame and attack the character and society and culture of anyone that doesn't agree to the same interpretations they do. The name-calling of Parker and Stone is one example,
But it gets more interesting when you realize that Donohue was a principle complainer about an episode with the Virgin Mary before, and is not coming to the aid of Scientology, Islam or any other group that is not Catholic, because in his words every other viewpoint is a defamation of it. So that article has its priciple opposing quote by a man who is related to the other issue that is being addressed as background, which beyond being less-than-thorough in reporting, even giving benefit of the doubt of the shortness of the article the writer was allocated, the worst of it is that yet again a person who states things like this regarding the creator of the Corpus Chriti play: "William Donohue, the League's president, stated that "while McNally has every legal right to insult Christians, he has no moral right to do so" and threatened to "wage a war that no one would forget" against the Manhattan Theater Club and any other theater who would produce the play."

So that a person who is that extreme and narrow-focused and self-serving, advocating attacks (even if they prove to be metaphoric and then laid strictly in legal circle, they help support and nurture the dangerous crazies who bomb and death threat the theaters and people involved). So, the "he" not an expert, with an agenda, involved deeply in the issue, and being allowed further appearences as a tolerant, respectful leader of an positive-serving organization which he and they do much to demonstrate they are not.

So, please think they're hypocrics if you like, but in saying so realize that in the words of the support you cite, that you are, denying others the right to participate in American public life without defamation, by insinuating they are hypocrits with no moral quality.

And all this controversy of Parker and Stone thinking they are holier than thou or playing favorites in pulling punches or adding more if and when they would turn the tables on themselves fully, to prove a point that in the human experience, satire is needed, to keep the serious idealogical zealots and pharasies from thinking they really are with sufficient common sense, decency, compassion and respect that they say they crave from others which in any rational circle is called obedience.

...And I'm spent.

1:51 AM  
Anonymous said...

And incidentally, I don't have TIVO or ditigal capturability, can someone talk of the message that was popping up for fractions of a second every minute or two? I doubt it was just my signal and I'm really curious what it might have been.

Cheers ya'll

1:54 AM  
Anonymous said...

okay, basing a comaparson on medium is rediculous... family guy is made for you to laugh, while south park is made for you the laugh and think. just because they are both animated does not mean that they should be compared. If south park was a live action show would it be compared to family guy? I dont think so. sometimes I need random homour, other times I need to laugh at myself. more often than not the latter. the wonderfulthing that southpark does is allow ourselves to change our pardighm and see thing from a different angle. It seems almost anything that we get worked up about is lampooned on south park. and that is a good thing. we need to see different views on a subject in order to decide for ourselves what is right and what is wrong...........however, both sides are relative I feel that it is important to see both sides,


1:28 PM  
Anonymous said...

okay, basing a comparison on medium is ridiculous... family guy is made for you to laugh, while south park is made for you the laugh and think. just because they are both animated does not mean that they are bon the same level. If south park was a live action show would it be compared to family guy? I don’t think so. sometimes I need random humor, other times I need to laugh at myself. more often than not the latter. the wonderful thing that south park does is that it allows ourselves to change our paradigm and see thing from a different angle. It seems almost anything that we get worked up about is lampooned on south park. and that is a good thing. we need to see different views on a subject in order to decide for ourselves what is right and what is wrong...........however, both sides are relative I feel that it is important to see both sides,
In order to made a better decision on where we stand on certain issues.

FRANK (the sausage man)

1:29 PM  
Anonymous said...

Whats with all these anonymous chicken shits too scared to come out and identify themselves.

4:26 PM  
Anonymous said...

ummm... u posted as anonymous

4:37 PM  
Anonymous said...

Because I dont have a fucking account on this website dumbshit.


Happy there is my name.

7:47 PM  
Anonymous said...

South Park and The Simpsons are the only cartoons who deserve the respect of everybody! They are built upon a solid foundation of truth and originality. Family Guy copied every single thing from these two (great) cartoons, and their target audience were people who enjoy senseless (if not worthless) comedy that makes fun of religion and ethnic races. South park making fun of family guy only shows that family is nothing but a bunch of non sense! Seth MacFarlane, stop making Family guy! you're a cheat! More power to Matt and Trey, and Matt Groening!

2:17 AM  
Anonymous said...

South Park is much better than family guy.

granted, family guy is sometimes funny, but it's a one joke vehicle...the randomness. Its so dependent on references to pop culture, and can only reach its audience on that level. South park has various ways at making you laugh; parody, shock, and witty humour. Family guy sucks ass and this is starting to show. Soon, many it will grow old, and die off.

South park and simpsons have been translated in several languages, and can be seen in several places around the world in different languages. family guy isn't...and will never. Only Americans, or people strongly familiar with the culture will understand that. If you guys think that south park is a lot like family guy, you don't even understand it at all...south park has some insight on reality, and pokes fun at it, while making you guy takes the crap that you already see on television, rapes it, then shoves it back down your throats...

i'm no fan of family guy...i think that south park IS getting too preachy, but is much better than family guy...on every single level possible...but simpsons is still the best show ever. The old simpsons that is...

seth macfarlane is NOT a genius...he stole some elements from different shows, and totally raped it...simpsons did a much similar gag, on the top of my head right now, remember the one where Homer begins to teach a class on marriage? he lazily uses the analogy of the orange for marriage, and the shoot goes back to hans moleman teaching his own class on orange DOES happen to be tangent to the situation, and seth macfarlane took that shit...the fucking bastard

3:51 AM  
Anonymous said...

if you like random, go see monty python, or aqua teen hunger force-->the way the pros do it. at least it's funny, and not repetitive...funny how family guy cna make something random so unoriginal, and repetitive

3:57 AM  
Anonymous said...

I am a huge South Park fan, but these episodes, specifically part II, just weren't funny. Part I had its moments with the big wheel chase, but still, as an avid SP fan I was disappointed. Also, as an avid Family Guy fan, I thought it was dumb to pick on a show that uses similar humor. The exploding big wheel gag is just like the exploding horse and buggy gag from Family Guy. SP humor isn't exactly that sophisticated. They use poo and fart jokes just like Family Guy does. Many SP jokes are interchangeable as well, and EVERY SINGLE EPISODE follows the exact same formula. A. Kids or Outsiders do something B. Bad Stuff Happens C. Adults overreact and do stupid things D. Stan or Kyle explains a lesson while piano music plays and a crowd of people all learn something. But it’s still funny. And so is the interchangeable humor and shtick that Family Guy uses. Even if jokes are interchangeable, that doesn’t mean that they still aren’t clever and take good writers to produce. Sit through and episode of Family Guy and try not to laugh. South Park may be smarter, but Family Guy is just plain funnier. Still, they're both great shows, however I think these episodes in question were weak to say the least, and I also agree that the first couple seasons of Family Guy were better than the latter. It really would’ve been great if Comedy Central had let them show the prophet though. They allow Bigger Longer and Uncut to go uncensored when shown in “The Secret Stash”, but they can’t show the image of a person because it may offend someone. Comedy Central needs some bigger balls. And what ever happend to Futurama. That was a good show. Go Zoidberg

2:24 PM  
Anonymous said...

Ok, lets settle this once and for all.

Family Guy "SUCKS" so much, yet they brought it back due to POPULAR DEMAND.

Anyone else who says something as stupid as Family Guys sucks again, is more unoriginal, and far more worthless, than Seth MacFarlane.

Its about as smart as saying DVD PLAYERS SUCK!! or HDTV SUCKS!!

Think about it, please. Thats all I ask.


P.S. There, I'm not a chicken shit. What good does it do anyone to know my name, anyway?

8:59 PM  
Anonymous said...

Hey Blogger,

Your blog "this post", leads me to believe you will find my family and parenting blog on printable baby shower invitation to be worth a visit.

4:58 PM  
Anonymous said...

you idiots...stop saying that south park is just as repetitive as family guy...IT FUCCIN ISN''s the jokes on family guy that are repetitive, they're all the same. What YOU RETARDS MEAN is that the formula is repetitive--which doesn't affect the series at all for many. Hell, simpsons, did it too, even during its prime, and it never got boring (homer gets a new job)

so honestly, the people who are backing family guy up, NO, south park's jokes aren't repetitive at all. It's family guy, where no matter what the situation, one of the characters will be like "that's as *blank* as the time that *blank* did *blank* at *blank*" least south park, the jokes are different...

so you idiots...south park is NOT repetitive in the same sense we're talking about family guy...please think of better arguments...

5:30 PM  
Anonymous said...

This is for the message above:
South Park is undeniably repetitive.
If you don't think it is, just ask yourself, how many times have your heard "TIMMY!" Or how many times did the townspeople scream one line repeatedly like "THEY TOOK OUR JOBS," or "WE DIDN'T KNOW." That’s also an example of their interchangeable humor. And how many times have they blamed Crab People. And by the way, a similar formula does make something repetitive, if it didn't, we wouldn't have picked up on the repetition in the first place. And even if Family Guy jokes do say remember that time blank did blank, not all of them do. There is still a plot and story development that incorporates other jokes. Also, calling people idiots on anonymous message boards really shows the validity of your arguments. And seriously what the hell happened to Futurama. Go Zoidberg.

6:05 PM  
Anonymous said...

After the South Park episodes, I tried to think about whether or not Family Guy had always been the way it was described or not. I realized that the first 3 seasons WERE a lot more focused but still kept you off balance with random humor. That was the Family Guy I loved. The "I love Lois" shirt: priceless. Peter's version of what happened at Cheesy Charlie's is what used to make Family Guy hilarious, not just funny. How random is it to turn into the Hulk? (pretty random, at least for the first Hulk reference- I swear they like that show way too much). That whole episode is a great example, in fact. Meg's, Stewie's and Peter's stories all come together in the end: Peter screws up, the party is at home which allows Stewie to confront the "Man in White" after he tails Peter and Meg home from where Meg almost got roped into a suicide cult. These new ones just isn't as layered or complex. When did Stewie turn into a walking gay joke? I swear he tried to kill Lois and take over the world more times in the first 10 episodes than in any other. Instead of developing characters, Family Guy just moved back and forth around dominant personality traits, almost in an ad hoc manner dependant upon what each episode required of the character. But hey, that's what happens when there isn't a single ubermensch doing all the writing. You lose continuity of characters, but not all shows need that.

And, technically speaking, the South Park writing has always been better. Metaphor is much more difficult than simile. But, again, these are points of CONTRAST, not COMPARISON. I think someone made a great point earlier that if these were both live action shows, or one was, they probably would not be compared.

Did anyone else catch that great lampoon of the Peter/Giant Chicken fight(s)? Hilarious.

Ditto on the self burn: "It's better than a show that's preachy and up it's own ass with messages." It's true, too. When South Park misses on a message, it's grueling to watch. But they, in my opinion, do not miss that often.

And hell, the two oldest forms of humor are fart jokes and political satire. Go read some Aristophanes.

Yes, the main point of the episode is Free Speech: I think everyone understands that. But the internet wasn't invented for people to agree sooooo...

j dav, the over use of phrases like "They took our jobs!" and "We didn't know" are there to point out the narrowness of many American's views. I don't know how the rest of the country views illegal immigration, but I live in Southern California and found the way they treated the issue to be rather on point. Most people think that illegals are coming up to steal their job, even geologists like Randy Marsh. It exemplifies the cut-and-dry rhetoric of American politics: pick a campaign headline that gets attention, and repeat it. And I think they blamed the crab people once, but if more I apologize. Compare that to how many times the greased up deaf guy (who gets less and less funny each time I see him) has popped up in half as many seasons of Family Guy. And the exploding bike thing can't be said to be a rip off from anyone but Jerry Bruckheimer and Michael Bay. Anyone with half a brain makes fun of pointless explosions. It would be akin to saying that everyone who makes fun of GW or France is stealing from the first person who ever made fun of them. I think the big debate isn't so much the jokes themselves, but how they are incorporated. And you make a good point about the South Park formula being repetitive. The only thing I can say in rebuttal is that at least it's a formula for an entire episode, not individual lines. Hell, even Homer (the poet, not the Simpson) had an episodic formula.


Hooray for Monty Python, but they succeeded in their randomness because at times they were a bit more subtle and took time to develop certain sketches. A lot of the randomness would be images you see not corresponding to the sounds you hear. Sometimes Family Guy makes their jokes just too damn obvious.

This is all opinion. It seems true to me, but all opinons feel like truth to the author.

9:02 PM  
Anonymous said...

South Park use to be about the humour. Then Matt & Trey decided to start ripping on everybody and to be "political". They've made some good points, but they've also just gone too far. I'm certain that most South Park Fans rely on the show to create their viewpoints of the world and other people. It's really quite sad that you could support and defend something so critical and antagonistic. If we're lucky idiots like Matt & Trey will be ignored by the people they offend, then that way honest people don't have to worry about paying for their ignorance.

11:23 AM  
Anonymous said...

south park is the best!!! family guy copies the simpsons so it makesit gay

11:47 AM  
Anonymous said...

You are all fags. Every single one of you who actually took the time to sit down and even read part of this boring, repetitive, STUPID conversation-- especially ye who actually take anything either show does SERIOUSLY-- are total idiots. The next time you're out shopping? Get a life. They're in the clues sections.

12:24 PM  
Anonymous said...

God forbid people engage in discourse about anything they are interested in. People talk about their hobbies and things that interest them, dipshit. What the fuck were you doing at noon that was soooo vital? Reading enough posts to have a knee-jerk opinion. You're so fucking important, I forgot. Go stick your thumb up your ass and take that seriously.

1:56 PM  
Anonymous said...

And criticism and being critical is the foundation of any truly free liberal democracy. Pop culture should be more critical and antagonistic. The sad thing is that no one but South Park and Bill Maher do it in an entertaining way anymore. I repeat, satire is one of the oldest forms of political dissent. Most people won't sit down and think broad-mindedly about what goes on in their world, making various forms of criticism necessary. I support it fully, and do not think it to be sad at all.

2:02 PM  
Anonymous said...

What you people don't understand is family guy was going to air a show that had mohamid in it and the network pulled it so thats what they were saying.It had nothing to do with the scienintology show or tom cruise.They were making fun of family guy for backing down thats why they were sea cows.

3:16 PM  
Anonymous said...

Why does everything have to be a freakin competition? They are two shows...slighltly different kinds of humor. I think Fg is funnier than SP. Some people like SP more than FG. WHO CARES? It;s like religion. You want to be a Scientologist ? Go ahead. You want to be a Muslim? go ahead. Just do it leave people who want to be something else alone. There's plenty of space and plenty of Gods. And plenty of mindless tv to watch. Enjoy it while you can.

3:28 PM  
Anonymous said...

Seasons 1-4 of South Park were very funny and creative. Since then, South Park has taken a nose dive, crashed and burned. The creators of South Park have lost their edge. The shows are predictable and boring. I can't even watch it anymore without feeling angry with how poor the writing has become. I occasionally watch to see if it has gotten any better. Unfortunately, it hasn't. That's a real shame considering how good it was in the beginning. South Park the Movie was great. Team America was the worst movie I'd ever seen, truely embarrassing. This South Park episode is so obviously fueled by jealousy, it shows how desperate Trey and Matt have become. I think they would be ashamed of themselves if they were not so blinded by fame and money.

4:36 PM  
Anonymous said...

Well hey, all telivision shows end up down the drain.Now when I watch south park I NEVER laugh I want something funny.Family guy, well I think I grew out of it.So any help.Remember, something FUNNY.

4:49 PM  
Anonymous said...

its just tv... its for entertainment, i dont understand why its such a big issue, i mean if u dont like it dont watch it, but it is kind of funny that south park felt the need to make three episodes about it... a show that has one of its main characters a piece of poop, is trying to rip on another show... its obvious theres some jealousy towards family guy

4:49 PM  
Anonymous said...

I loved this episode. And what they say on South Park is true in some way. Family Guy jokes have pretty much nothing to do with the plot. They're just... random. It's funny, but not as funny as South Park. Where the jokes actually take meaning to the plot...

I love you Family Guy, but South Park is just WAY better!

6:53 PM  
Anonymous said...

Ok, Family guy fucking blows. South Park is basically the funniest show on television. Anyone who says otherwise can watch me specializes in your assholes. Family Guy jokes don't make any sense, and their writing staff are a bunch of jackass manatees... Which brings us back to the metephor argument. Sout Park is getting its ass plugged with hidden messages. While these are funny, most normal idiots (like the people that watch Family Guy) don't get these messages. Don't think you are outsmarting south park by pointing out something better.

Man, I really hope Family Guy fights back. They might make a shitty episode just like south park implied they would.

Basically this is all you need to know:
Family Guy blows
I have thicker pubes than you
and South Park needs to make fun of hippies more often.

7:47 PM  
Anonymous said...

You know who else likes Family Guy?

Judas. And what did Judas do? Oh, he just got Jesus killed, that's all

7:49 PM  
Anonymous said...

I love both shows there great if southpark is scared family guy is better they need to get over it i bet family guy will make fun of south park some time in the future its just tv

11:05 PM  
Anonymous said...

Most Conservatives like Family guys better (political views)

Most liberals hate family guy (like south park berrer)

11:28 PM  
Anonymous said...

first of all tom cruise is insane along with all other scientologists, south park needs to find someone better to rip on than famliy guy cuz that show was lame compared to others, and if u stop analyzing both shows so much mabey youll find both are funny shows and i dont give a shit about quality of writing, last time i checked they both made ppl laugh, so noone cares about your critiism, and if they do, they shouldn't

11:34 PM  
Anonymous said...


south park will always be ahead of the pack like that.

12:25 AM  
Anonymous said...

South Park is a genius show, but bear in mind while it rips on Family Guy its all in good fun, it rips on everything including itself. I thougth this episode was hilarious and the guys over at South Park know damn well this is only great PR for Family Guy. I laugh more at Family Guy but appreciate South Park for its intelligence. Few really can say that Family Guy is an intelligent show, it's just off the wall funny, but if we're talking cartoon wars the original Simpsons episodes at its best blow both of these shows out of the water.

5:17 AM  
Anonymous said...

South Park is a genius show, but bear in mind while it rips on Family Guy its all in good fun, it rips on everything including itself. I thougth this episode was hilarious and the guys over at South Park know damn well this is only great PR for Family Guy. I laugh more at Family Guy but appreciate South Park for its intelligence. Few really can say that Family Guy is an intelligent show, it's just off the wall funny, but if we're talking cartoon wars the original Simpsons episodes at its best blow both of these shows out of the water.

5:17 AM  
Anonymous said...

Let me first say that I have been a South Park fan since their debut. I think that Matt and Trey have given us something irreverent and fun.

I have enjoyed Family Guy as well, I find the random nonsense a nice break from the more serious stuff on television.

That said, I think that the past 2 seasons of South Park have, besides a few side-plots, become predictable and somewhat preachy.

Matt and Trey seem to be trying to hard to stay relevant and find a 'purpose' for each episode. Yes, that is standard for their show's format, but I believe that in the process it has become obvious they have stopped having fun and are now just 'working'. It (the storylines) seems very noticeably forced.

Its too bad. I think that they are winding down and if I were an executive at Comedy Central - I would start looking for whats next to fill a time slot next season. Again, I have really enjoyed their show - but its time is up.

11:26 PM  
Anonymous said...

wow..... i would just like to say that about 90% of you are complete and utter douchebags and are destined to live in your mother's basement. South Park and Family Guy are both damn funny shows so how about everyone stops looking so damn hard into it and enjoys the entertainment.... Thank You.

12:48 AM  
Anonymous said...

This episode was definitely entertaining, but no one proclaimed South Park the king of cynical cartoons. I've been watching South Park and Family Guy since they both aired, and I have to say to those two lug-heads to take a shot at McFarlene is really daring. If you can see South Park has been trying to get media attention in 2006 so far, and they are doing a good job. However, these are two completely different shows: South Park is literally a poorly written show with horrible scenes, racism, and basically everything you sit down with your friends and chit-chat over a beer with. Family Guy is a well-written, semi-intellectual cartoon comedy with a completely different way of portraying its jokes with flashbacks and adult humor. I can see why South Park's creator's are jealous -- Stewie has about 10,000 more fans than Cartman will ever have :) I'm particularly more fond of Family Guy because you won't have an 8 year old watching it and understanding half the jokes, meanwhile with South Park, literally, you can be an 8 year old and understand the silly story lines with nothing being accomplished.

1:10 PM  
Anonymous said...

you people need to get a damn life

9:50 PM  
Anonymous said...

Hmm. I just watched this episode not too long ago.
Heh, another great episode.

Oh, and to the peope who say "they are ripping on Family Guy!", "They hate the show, they used this to make fun of it!".
Actually, if that was their sole purpose they wouldn't have had that guy who drove Kyle to the Fox headquarters say that he knew it was just random jokes, but liked it anyways. And that at least it didn't get all preachy. [Like South Park, it most always has a message. ;D] Or have everyone, except Cartman, like Family Guy.

I like South Park because it makes jokes, while having a plot, and makes you thinks of the current world news/politics in a different way. Or one similar to your own. This is actually the only non-anime show that has made me laugh.

10:49 AM  
Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,Family Guy is a very interesting and It is a animated television series.I like all the episodes.Absolutely excellent television. Download Family Guy Episodes Edgy, funny, intelligent and extremely creative.

6:10 AM  
Anonymous said...

Spare me the intellectual/non-intellectual mumbo jumbo. South Park's writing consists of putting some raw and blatant language to cause some bit of controversy while dealing with the tabooes of everyday life; but if I wanted some "insights" in those shows I'd rather watch the news or go read books (something I should do as a law student). And who said that Family Guy doesn't contain bits about current political and international affairs?. Also, bits about racist issues, which are a way to ridiculise all of what racism stands for and shows the reality of America regarding the bias towards black people and gays (although also ridiculise religions a lot).

I don't see anything particularly insightful when I watch South Park and I don't need to see it. Those shows are there to be funny, first and foremost. In fact, I find some parts of Family Guy even more insightful.

6:57 PM  
Anonymous said...

family guy is the worst and most unfunny show ever written. seth mcfarlane should stop plagerizing the simpsons and other great shows and come up with something more original... or shoot himself in the face. for example, The simpsons is clearly way better because it was more original, unexpected humor other than the same jokes every 5 seconds like family guy; like meg hate, "remember when" jokes, and stewie wanting to kill lois. REAL original, seth... and even more original plagiarizing yourself with american dad. hell, i'd like to meet the person who hired him to be an animator. I'd gladly kick their teeth down their throat... and seth's too.
such a waste of everyone's time except morons who wouldn't know a joke if it crawled up their ass and effed them.

8:43 PM  

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